Ford’s New Mustang with Track Apps for Performance Monitoring

2012 Mustang


Two weeks ago, I visited in Dearborn, MI for a super-secret unveiling. We were standing out by a building next to the test track – 8:30 pm. Huddled around in the dark, pushed up to the barrier line.

Then, a blast of lights came on that pretty much turned night into day. No sooner could our eyes adjust as the lights went off. We heard a rumbling in the background. Then, the lights came on and five cars sped in front of us. Lead in by a 1965 Ford Mustang, we saw the next generation of Mustang. But before we could study the cars, the lights went off and we were shuttled into the building.

I had to hold onto that secret until today. But now, after the LA Auto show, we can talk Mustang.

The muscle of Ford has been updated to match the cool toys any Ford is getting nowadays. From the 4.2 LCD display with Upgraded My Ford Touch software, to the Track Apps that can tell the driver how his Mustang performs. Instant reading if you were to push your Mustang to the limits.

“Mustang stays fresh by keeping pace with everything going on in the tech world,” said Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer. “We are taking all the technology people are used to using and finding ways to integrate it into Mustang, based on enthusiasts’ feedback.”

Mustang Track Apps

Mustang Track Apps

Mustang is just one of many new cars and features we saw at Ford. From the new with kick-gate (you pass your foot along the bottom to open the lift-gate), to the 2012 Ford Flex, with inflatable seat belts and refrigerator options.

But it really was about the Mustang that day. We all talked about it when going from session to session. We learned that these vehicles were made from many green practices, like how plastic bottles are converted to  floor mats, old tires are turned into gaskets and seat cushions are now made with Soy. In fact, during our luncheon, the menu was based on what could be put into cars.

We also learned about the roominess of these vehicles like the Edge. Once could haul a band or a small apartment’s belongings in the car.

Still, the thought was on that one car we saw for a few minutes. While the price tag on the Mustang is probably out of my reach, it still would be a cool car to have. However, the Flex really impressed me as a car that could haul some serious gear.

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