Daigo and Justin Wong Re-create Evo Moment 37

For the first part of this article, I want to take you back to a gaming tournament called Evolution 2004. At the time, a gamer called was facing off against Justin Wong in 3: 3rd Strike. It was a top-8 match where the winner could only advance to the next round if they won two out of 3 games. However, it was during this first game that Daigo create what has now become known as Evo Moment 37. Take a look at this amazing footage of this moment in action.

As you will see from the grainy footage, it was hands down one of the most amazing things to happen in the history of fighting game tournaments. More importantly, Daigo was able to pull off a solid execution to take that first game. However, he went on to take 2nd place.

Fast forward to a more recent gaming tournament called Moment 37 Reloaded. During this event, Daigo faced off against Justin Wong once again in an exhibition match on the same game they did in the clip above: Street Fighter 3 – 3rd Strike. A lot of people thought that it might not happen, but rather than me spoil it, have a look at the awesome clipping from the match. I would recommend skipping to 4 minutes and 30 seconds in to see some magic happen.

As you saw, Daigo actually managed to re-create Evo Moment 37. I was watching it by way of a live video stream and I must say that I could not believe my eyes. It was just beautiful to watch it happen.  For me, all that it needed was for someone one to yell out “let’s go Justin!” and it would have been complete. That said, it was an amazing thing to watch it being re-produced, listening to the crowd go nuts and seeing a perfect example of fighting game technique at its best.

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