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During the summer months it’s rare to see a game release that interests you enough to make the purchase of a full priced new game. So many of us are left with little to nothing to do during that time. Replaying the same game we’ve played four times already or just waiting for fall for the good games to come out again. Here’s a few good games that could help keep you entertained and inside during those hot months.

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Cheap Video Game List

Demon Souls (PS3)

Demon Souls

Demon Souls

One of the toughest games in recent memory, Demon Souls allows players to experience old fashion dungeon crawling at its finest. You slowly make your way through this punishing game, picking from one of its ten classes going through beautifully dark levels.

You should be ready to die a lot. This game is unforgiving. The only hints to be found are generally those left by players on the ground. Or watching their ghost run briefly to show you what mistakes they had made. If you really need it though, you can team up with other players to go through together.

Demon Souls for PS3

Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV

The latest entry into Rockstar’s flagship series. They improved on Grand Theft Auto IV in a number of ways from the latest in the series. The controls were tighter in this game, improving on one of the things that kept the other games from the level this one had achieved. The story was improved as well, giving us a rich, character driven story.

Whether you play this for the story, the stress relief that driving a tank through the thriving Liberty City can bring, or the mini games with your needy cousin Ramon. This game has plenty to offer.

Grand Theft Auto IV for PS3
Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360
Grand Theft Auto IV for PC

Borderlands (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)



What do you get when you ask for pure mayhem in a game? You get Borderlands. This zany game has a cartoony art style and enough humor in it to keep it feeling light hearted throughout the game. With nearly unimaginable numbers of different combinations of weapon parts to create so many weapons it’ll make your head spin.

Add on the four playable classes, the RPG leveling up system, the fully drop in and out campaign, and DLC that is cheap as well. This is serious fun.

Borderlands for PS3
Borderlands for Xbox 360
Borderlands for PC

Resonance of Fate (PS3, Xbox 360)

Resonance of Fate

Resonance of Fate

JRPG is a tricky genre. They tend to have whiny teenagers caught in plots that you’ve seen a thousand times before, with combat that is prettier, if it’s different at all. Resonance of Fate changes that, almost all of what this game does is different from the standards of JRPGs. Sure the game may focus a couple teenagers. But the story goes into the mystery behind the world and the characters that inhabit it.

The combat is a unique fare that features cinematic, flashy gunplay along with customizable guns which makes this a game worth checking out.

Resonance of Fate for PS3
Resonance of Fate for Xbox 360

Bioshock 2 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Bioshock 2

Bioshock 2

Coming from the success of the first game, Bioshock 2 improves on its predecessor in nearly every way. Offering more information on the riveting city of Rature that the first game had set up. Bioshock 2 lets you play with all the weapons and plasmids of the first together to create a more explosive and fun combat.

It also added a multiplayer that allowed you to try all these powers and weapons on other people who could react much better than the AI ever could. It offers fun modes and game play that will keep you playing after the single player.

Bioshock 2 for PS3
Bioshock 2 for Xbox 360
Bioshock 2 for PC

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