Geek Profile: Mike Cioffi – Geektoberfest

In the last month I became aware of this . You may not know Mike, but he is the Producer to the Adam Carolla and the Digital Media producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Not to mention a Podcaster himself.

Below is Mike’s answer sheet:

Mike Cioffi

Mike Cioffi - FM

Name:Mike Cioffi

Show:Low Budget FM, Megaboom!!, The Adam Carolla Show, Fitzdog Radio

What type of Geek do you call yourself:Definitely a science and math geek. Love Slashdot, love physics, love the Science channel. I think xkcd is the funniest thing around. Also a comedy geek (in that I enjoy the comedy culture, not saying I’m a funny geek, that wouldn’t be for me to decide). Also a beer geek (I like to say beer geek, but others have described it as beer snob)

What is the geekiest toy you own: Yo-yo. Love the yo-yos I have. That or the Sonic Screwdriver I have.

What is the Geekiest toy you DON’T own, but want: Oof, that’s tough. I dunno. Nothing comes to mind, but general ideas, like a Bender toy, or something from the Douglas Adams world. On second thought, one of those fancy lightsabers.

Do you consider yourself a Geek, or : All three. I think I geek out about (video games, beer, comedy). I think the science stuff I enjoy, and my ability on the computer makes me a nerd. Dork seems like the worst of the bunch, but when I awkwardly do something, I think I qualify as that as well, but wouldn’t like that as a regular description for myself.

Quick Paragraph on a time you felt your geekiest: As a geek, I’ve got this bad habit of beating my own jokes to death. I always find it funny to explain binary in situations where it’s not quite apropos. I’ve done this drunkenly in a bar more than once.

Anything else you can contribute to your geek: Douglas Adams is my favorite author? If I had to build a case about being a geek, it’d be damning, and time consuming, but the pieces are there.

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