Google Buzz is Already Messing Up My Email. Please Fix. Thank You.

Yes, I still use and Outlook for . I like GMails web client, but I also like the hierarchal folder structure of the clients. But today, I had to rethink my processes due to and their new Google Buzz program. Now, instead of getting important email sent to the box, I got hoards of “ From” emails.


First thing I did was go scouring the site for a setting that would curb this blatent spamming of my email box. I was really hoping for something like Google Groups has – turn on a setting that lets me have a digest email for the day. I can live with that.

But no setting that I could find. The only thing I could do is “Turn off Buzz”.  And like I said, I am not ready to give up Thunderbird and Outlook. They still have a lot of use. So I did the one thing that could really bite me in the .

I created a filter.

Therefore, if you have something to say to me, don’t send in the subject “Buzz from…” It will instantly get trashed. I might look at my can from time to time, but my settings on are simple – When I close the program, empty the . It is not a folder, it is waste that needs to be cleaned out.

I think Google does need to address this issue. Especially since a high-end email box will exponentially grow in size almost overnight. It’s easy in the web client – it’s already tagged.

An option to digest the email into a daily, weekly or never would be a decent option, but can you do that now that your Social Network is intertwined with your ? Google might have to do some reverse engineering on this one. Tell the client that it is email in Googles’ eyes, but not send it out if you are receiving it from another host.

The ironic thing is that I will post this article. That post will be re-aggregated through RSS feeds to Buzz. I will then get an email stating I wrote this article. I suppose that will be great for me if I am developing alzheimers…

It’s really an epic fail on Google’s part. Please fix it. Thank you.

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