Google Buzz: The Next Generation in Gmail

Well the big news from today was Google Buzz. Not to be confused with Yahoo Buzz – which might cause some  friction because they are both . Some even say it’s trying to be Facebook.

Google Buzz is GMail in . You can add to email in . Kinda like Wave does, except it can be on a personal level. It has some functionality – @geekazine will be recognized. You can even speak in your comments and they will be transcribed.

Buzz will also be available for the . A little Augemented 2D action – Hit the Nearby option on in the phone and find out what others are saying. Geotagged Buzz posts will show you what is being said. Another movie premier killer option right there.


Here is where you can see a commercial about Google Buzz. It won’t be available for everyone just yet, But you know you have it when you look under your “” and it says “Buzz”. Technically it’s in , although they don’t seem to be calling it a .

The iPhone app is simply a link to the page you can place on your Home screen. I instantly saw my Buzz and a comment from someone only a few miles away from me. Moved the over to CA and there was a lot of Buzz.

It will be interesting how this application will cultivate. Will it be a Facebook Killa? Will it change the way we use E-Mail? Will the “G” in GMail become GeoTag Mail? Will sue Google for “Buzz”? Only time will tell. What do you think of this new from Google?

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