Google Glass at Disneyland or the 41 Year Old Disneyland Virgin

Last week I had a great opportunity to not only cover a conference, but also fulfill a life-long dream – go to Disneyland. Since I have grown up in the Midwest, doing something like Disneyland was a pipe dream. I knew eventually I would get there – which I finally did last week.

At first I thought it was going to be a one-day experience. However, one of the bloggers at this conference also worked for Disney and was able to get a few of us in during the evenings. Therefore, my first experience was on Monday. We watched the at 10:30.

Of course, we got to experience the Disneyland Mall, with lots of stores and cool treats. The LEGO store was really fun to experience. You can get a or just build something new from the wall of LEGO.

My of Disneyland were exactly what I imagined. Looking for the first time at the castle was one of the most . The TV shows and commercials don’t do it justice.

Fantasmic was an amazing show. They create movie screens by spraying water into the air and projecting on it. Scenes from Disney movies flash up as ships passed by with Belle, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan and Captain Hook, , , , Goofy and more.

It was also off to “Its a Small World” and the “”. We blasted at targets on adventure, then the struck, so we headed back to the hotel.

Awesome first impression. Plus I was wearing my Google Glass, so I got to video some of it.

California Adventure

Thursday night was the next time I was able to head back in. We went to California Adventure this time for World of Color. Before we did that, it was off to California to fly across the world. A large screen was in front of us as the ride rose us up only a few feet away. With aerial views of the Alps, a golf course (where Michael Eisner hits a golf ball your way), clouds, then L.A. and finally back to Disneyland, you fee like you are flying through it all.

World of Color was an impressive light show. Once again using water as video screens, we get a magical view of the movies we’ve grown up with. I was lucky enough to try a new video camera with stabilization on this event and got some great shots.

Final Day at Disneyland

I was back in the park the following day as we rode the immortal Space Mountain. Only I wasn’t that impressed with it. Trying to get a video with Google Glass, the dark ride really had nothing to offer but the ride itself. I really wished there would have been more lights – maybe a planet or ships passing by. Yet it was nothing but a dark blur.

My mood changed as we transferred over to California Adventure and Cars land where we rode Radiator Springs Racers. This is a ride I enjoyed because there was more to it than just a track and car. I am all about stories and Radiator Springs did just that – create a story. I did a #ThroughGlass video on this:

We also rode the Toy Story ride, which also entertained me. Then it was off to the roller coaster to get your adrenaline up.

Heading back into Disneyland from a lunch break, we took time at Tommorowland. Although with Google Glass on I felt I was part of the exhibit. A couple more rides, including Space Tours and it was time for the parade.

We watched the characters come down the street, then followed them up to the front of Disneyland. A couple hours of quick emails and dinner, then it was back in the park for Disney fireworks. Normally I am not hyped up on a firework show, but I’m in Disneyland!

All in all a fun time. Lots of great attractions and even more – fun with friends. Only wish was if Jennifer was with me. Next time…

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