HP Storage Tech Day: Software-Defined Storage, StoreVirtual, StoreOnce VSA Deep Dive

HP Storage Tech Day

HP Storage Tech Day

In this third part of the HP Storage Tech Day, we learn more about Software-Defined Storage, then we deep dive into StoreVirtual, StoreOnce and Storage Management – OpenStack Integration. All of these focused on SDS strategy.

Dale Degan started by talking about StoreVirtual. He talks about the example of the new style of IT – control, data services and physical hardware to give you a programmable and rich .

HP has been watching what is in the market and they found people are asking how they can re-use equipment or squeeze a little more out of this new system. That is where Software Defined Storage comes in. Something that is Hypervisor independent. Along with SDDS you have service refined storage – multi-tennant, that becomes unpredictable in determining storage.

John Shields came up and talked about StoreOnce Backup systems. This scale-out data protected system for SMB, Enterprises, ROBO or , StoreOnce becomes a versatile data protection platform. Starting with HP to the StoreOnce B6200, you have a StoreOnce platform that works.

Lee came up to talk about Converged Storage Management. He shows us the new challenges for the IT professional. Doing more with less people, reducing , vendor quality with speed and low price and systems that talk to each other. By using Converged , they are looking to accomplish a and build it ONCE. This will help solve convergence for all of primary and backup storage.

Finally, Sam Fineberg talks about OpenStack Integration – working with cloud technology. They want to integrate the API for all to use as a . OpenStack can plug-in to many technologies. With many different components, this will connect with storage so you can run programs and get information back in a timely and efficient manor.

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