Livestream Unveils Google Glass App: My Livestream of NAB 2014

This week, announced their Glass app to stream directly to their services. I talked with and found that anyone with Glass and a connection to their servers can create video. I had to test it out of course.

Livestream in NAB 2014

Livestream in NAB 2014

As I was heading into NAB, I turned on the stream. It was not without issue, though. The process to Livestream from Glass is as follows:

  1. Download the software to your Mac or PC
  2. Put your Google Glass into Debug mode
  3. Plug into the computer and run the Livestream software
  4. When complete, unplug Glass and turn debug mode off
  5. Go back to the computer and call up to Pair an event
  6. It will create a to use
  7. Put on Glass and say these commands:
    1. OK Glass
    2. Livestream
    3. Tap to start a new stream
    4. Tap to agree
    5. Tap one more time
  8. Point Glass at the QR code
    1. If using your phone for the QR code, it might not recognize. Turn your phone to landscape mode and try again.
  9. Once Glass recognizes, it will ask you to start the stream.
  10. Point, shoot and record.
  11. When complete you must tell Glass to publish the event

That is the process. The end result – a quick walk to NAB. There are two videos because Glass lost connection two minutes in.

My Thoughts on Livestream #ThroughGlass

The process turned out good. The video is not top quality but still is not bad if you really need to get some footage and cannot hold up your phone. The app does work better when stationary although the audio is still a problem when the other person is talking.

The first couple minutes I had my phone in pocket. The connection was lost and so I took the phone out and put it in hand while walking through .

The stream would have looked better if I was standing instead of moving. Variable bit rate likes things to stay static for a while. The second part did hold up for where I went throughout the convention center.

As for post production – although I can link to the page, I cannot download the video unless I pay for the service. I also cannot seem to merge the two videos into one.

All in, this was a fun little experiment. I will be trying a few more in the weeks to come!

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