Magnolia Audio Fest Brings Audio Gear of Your Dreams

Looking to upgrade your sound? Maybe a new home theater soundbar, or some studio speakers to help mix down your podcasts or music sessions.

The Audio Fest is remarkable deals on premium audio gear. From speakers, to receivers, along with wireless gear, including headphones, and more. Upgrade all your speakers around the house or studio. Weekly savings on some amazing offers, this AudioFest will give you products at incredible prices. Such as a new 3.1 Channel Soundbar system, or a Core Series 10″ 115W Active Subwoofer for your Core series speakers.

And while it’s also a good time to upgrade your video devices, audio is the heart of Magnolia. It brings emotion in what you watch, play, and envision. This premium selection of audio brands will help you fill your walls with great sounds, and powerful speakers.

Sony Shelf Systems, Shelf Systems, turntables for your old or new vinyl. You can also get your Google Home Max and at great values.

When you’re ready, stop by the Magnolia store at Best Buy to start hearing things in a whole new way.

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