Mukava Sit-Stand Table for Tablet, Bed-side


Last month I slipped a disc to the point where I couldn’t work without taking a break every 20 minutes. Because of this, I relied on my mobile equipment more to keep me moving at least at a snails’ pace. That is where the Mukava table really helped.

Mukava is an ergonomic sit stand desk for your mobile devices. This stand will help you relax and get the job (or surfing) done.  Mukava furniture allows for not only tablet or smartphone reading, but the device has 2 USB charging units to help keep the device ready for more Facebook.

Mukava features

  • Ultimate compatibility with tablet and mobile devices – Mukava actually comes with one cell phone pad and three tablet pads. The clean and open design significantly provides practical use to mobile devices while enabling you to switch devices in just a matter of seconds. No matter which gadget you want to buy, this one of a kind table will conveniently handle it.
  • Mukava pads – this patented pad is ideal for your tablet and smartphone that in fact works just like magic. When you use over 1,000,000 micro-suction cups, you can efficiently secure your devices through the help of this convenient pad. With its well-built magnetic backing, your device will be secured to any reading surface.
  • Ergonomic design – Mukava table will also enable you in effortlessly positioning yourself in a more ergonomic position while helping you to make use of your preferred device for much longer in terms of pain-free manner.
  • 2 USB port in keeping you charged – the two Mukava USB ports for charging will significantly enable you in charging your devices anytime and anywhere you want. You can also conveniently use one port in order to power on your tablet or smartphone while they are plugged in LED reading lights.

With dual function as reading table and side table, Mukava sit stand table will efficiently help you in obtaining professionally made side tables that provides convenient use. Also, the patented sit stand system of Mukava offers adjustable feature to over 12 various positions in accommodating how users watch or read table devices. Hence, we have significantly used top quality materials in order to achieve maximum aesthetics as well as performance.

Pros and Cons Mukava Table

The biggest downside is the folding arm system. This doesn’t allow for putting the table in a tighter space. You also have to get used to how to adjust the arm, for you have to move the device to unlock the joints before you can move the table properly. And the arm will need open space so you can extend the device.

The unit comes as one piece, so the box is big. The floor stand also makes this table really heavy to move around. Great if you don’t have to get it out of the way from time to time.

The USB charging is nice, but the LED light is in an awkward place. I would rather have the light above the table rather than coming from the bottom. The Mukava suction pads are nice if your tablet or phone is without a case. Otherwise, the pad doesn’t work that well.

The Mukava monitor arm looks to be the better idea as it can clamp down to a table and be used in the Kitchen or even bedroom with the swivel option. The full size table is harder to turn to your need.

The best use I have found for this device is podium style. In fact, I have set up the stand to work off for other projects. The table does allow for hands-free surfing or reading.

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