MyFord Mobile: App Brings Faster Charge, Route Planning for Focus Electric


MyFord Mobile app for Ford Focus Electric Vehicles

Ford has been advancing the game in the technology realm. Leading the pack in turning the car into a mobile hotspot, bringing hands-free systems into the car with SYNC, and even working on giving customers value in their older cars with free updates to software.

Today, Ford announce MyFord Mobile for the Focus Electric vehicles. This is a dedicated app that can link up to their cars and provide remote communication, so they can maximize utility while minimizing operating costs. More over, the app makes sure you know what is going on with your car.

The new iPhone app allows owners locate charging stations, check on the charging status, and learn how to operate their new electric car better. By going to the website (, owners can learn more about their cars, and how to recharge their vehicles in half the time of the Nissan Leaf.

The website also has a section where you can log in your smart driving. Get on a leader board, or just be congratulated on achievements like saving money.

“The Focus Electric is a fun car to drive and helps save customers money at the pump; with MyFord Mobile, the enjoyment and savings continue after the vehicle is parked and charging,” said Bill Frykman, Business and Product Development manager. “This innovative app also offers new ways of sharing your driving experiences to create a “cool” factor while educating new Focus Electric drivers on the perks that come with an electric vehicle lifestyle.”

I interviewed Eric from Ford about the Focus Electric at CES

Of course, Ford has been leading the way in Electric vehicles. Last year, when I visited the Ford plant, I found out they re-designed their assembly line so they could switch from gas, to hybrid, to electric cars in an easy fashion. This, in turn, has brought a slew of jobs back into the US.

“The MyFord Mobile app and the Focus Electric work together to coach drivers to be more efficient and maximize the benefits of the electric vehicle experience,” said Joe Rork, MyFord Mobile product manager. “We wanted to help drivers get more miles out of every charge and have some fun along the way.”

Focus Electric drivers can register an account now at and download the iPhone app from the iTunes App Store. Drivers who are curious about making the jump to gasoline-free driving can check out the site and the app as a guest. MyFord Mobile will also work with the upcoming C-MAX Energi and Fusion Energi plug-in hybrids.

You can also see the interview of  Eric Kuehn and the Ford Focus Electric at CES 2012.

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