New My Ford Touch Interface With Free Upgrade For All Ford Vehicles

If you have the in your vehicle, you know how useful it can be. But Ford knows there is always room for improvement. They listened to the users and always ask how the system can get improved.

Then it’s time to implement.

Last week, in Dearborn, MI, Ford unveiled the new My Ford system. Bigger fonts, buttons, and more. The dashboard design is set in four sections – Phone, navigation, climate and entertainment. Jennifer Brace shows us in the video below of the new My Ford Touch System.

My Ford Touch Interface

My Ford Touch Interface

Ford updated the map graphics so you can understand the path better. If you touch the 3 LEDs, you can get a different perspective view. A richer experience and bolder text so you can read the street signs better.

Ford put the old My Ford Touch screens up against the new ones. This is where you saw the big difference. The best part is (with a little practice) you could start to touch by memory. That can keep your eyes on the road rather than on the nav screen.

Free for All

This is the best part. If you have this system in your car, you will get a USB drive to update to the new version of the software. If you don’t feel comfortable updating, take it into your nearest Ford dealer and they will update it for you – Free of charge. The update takes 45 minutes.

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