Nuada Hand Strength Enhancing Gloves

It’s hard to say if they have a working prototype of the Nuada glove or not. It may just be a concept with renderings. But it is still worth our while. The video is just 2 minutes worth of cartoon people. We do hear that the company has demonstrated a functional device at Disrupt SF, but it has a long way to go before it reaches the company’s description. Nevertheless, it is a great indication of where wearables are headed.

The idea is that it can provide a boost in hand gripping, lifting, pushing, and pulling . This is great for the elderly who have lost some , or for others who just want a performance enhancement so they can lift things without straining. Think about it. A wearable like this changes everything.

Once Nuada becomes what it claims, it will be a thin, flexible, and ergonomic wearable that will change lives. It will have a network of built-in tendons to support the user’s hand. Tendons will connect to a rechargeable base at the wrist, serving as a power source and a tracker that collects data on pulling strength, stability while pulling, heart rate, and more. Look for this to be a real game changer in the near future.

via DudeIwantthat

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