PC Building Simulator Game

Man, I used to love building PCs from scratch. In fact, the best PCs are the ones that you build yourself. Being able to choose your own components and installing them, gives you a PC that is right for you. Forget the specs that PC makers want to give you, build it how you want. It’s been way too long since I built a computer from the ground up. I just don’t have the extra time. You know what? I kind of miss it. Some of you know what I’m talking about. And for those people, check out this cool .

It lets you build and assemble PCs virtually. This is also handy for folks who want to build PCs, but lack the knowledge because it will teach you some valuable skills. It’s all here: screwing and unscrewing various nuts and bolts, inserting power supply units into cases, booting up and diagnosing and repairing software issues.

The game even uses actual component models that are identical to their real-world counterparts thanks in part to a licensing agreement between the game’s developer and over a dozen PC component and software manufacturers like Corsair, CoolerMaster, AMD, and more. So build your dream machine.

via Gizmodo

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