Qoobo Robotic Cat Responds To Your Touch

Do you love the idea of owning a , but just haven’t made the commitment yet? Don’t worry, I’m sure you would be a good fur-parent. To make it easy for you and ease into pet ownership spend some time with ‘Qoobo‘. It is a soft robotic cat that is an alternative to a real one. This will gradually get you familiarized with having a cat. There are some great benefits too. No fur to clean up or get on your clothes, no litter box to clean, no scratching on furniture.

This robotic is essentially a cat with just the body and the tail. Kinda looks like a pillow. It was revealed at this year’s CEATAC trade show in Japan. The tail even moves. Just put it on your lap, pet it and that tail will do its thing, responding to your touch. All of the comfort of a cat, with none of the drawbacks.

It’s pretty adorable despite it’s lack of a head and limbs. This robotic cat comes in two colors. Think of it as a friend or a cat therapist. The idea is that it will make you feel good when you lack a real cat in your life.

via Mashable

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