Sony’s PS4 Outsold Both Xbox One And Nintendo Switch Last Month

It is no secret that ’s console has generally outsold the Xbox One ever since they both came out back in 2013. In fact the has been in the lead the whole time, even though some months have seen the Xbox One outsell the PlayStation 4 in the . And now, the latest figures from The NPD Group show that the PlayStation 4 has outsold not just the Xbox One, but also the relatively new Switch in the last month. This is surprising since the Switch is so new still.

Both and Sony have released several versions of these consoles. Sony added the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim to their lineup, while launched the Xbox One S and will release the Xbox One X very soon. So there are a lot of factors at work here, one of them is the new gold 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim that Sony released last month. That certainly helped boost in June. In fact, last month was the best June ever for PlayStation 4 . But even aside from that, is still playing catch up after all of this time. They do have an ace up their sleeve though.

Once the Xbox One X is released, Microsoft should see a surge in sales and just maybe they can gain some momentum to beat out Sony. We will see.

[via Ubergizmo]

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