Special Report: Dearborn Michigan for Ford 2011 Event.

Well, I headed out to Michigan to meet with Ford and check out the 2011 Ford vehicles. I hoped onto Delta flight 1622 for the event. Got into Michigan at about 4:45 and headed over to the complex in style… An Oldsmobile…

Got to the Dearborn hotel where I was greeted at the front door. Ran into as I was checking in we talked for a minute, then I went to check in. They gave me my materials and I took my bags to the room. McGuffey complex, which is a small walk down the block. Still, it’s a historic walk.

The introduction dinner was really nice. I got to talk to Tom Torbjornson from America’s Car Show. That is when I started to feel slightly out of place. Nick Barber from IDG was the other tech person I noticed. The rest of the people I met were car bloggers and media .

Jeff Zurscmeide – an independent journalist. Joe Sage from Arizona Driver. Matt Keegan from Autotrends. Brandon and Roman from Examiner.com.

I did meet Jill Hanner, who we seemed to know the same people. Her videos for car marketing is pretty interesting.

We got to check out a “” in the Ford Start. To being with, the door handles worked in a different way than other handles – Push in to pull out. The interior was simple, but the roadster enthusiast would be proud. We couldn’t figure out how to open the hood, even the Ford rep didn’t know how to do it. However, they found the latch (it was in the wheel well) and we got to see what was underneath. A plastic cover, only exposing the valve covers – A 1.0 liter engine (3 cylinders) and 3 spots to check oil, and .

Dinner was quaint as I got to talk to Elizibeth, Allison and Jeremy from Ford. I learned more about the Ford museum. Although I have never been there, they say it houses a lot of history of Ford and of . Some aeronautic history and even original houses  from the early 1900’s where some historic events took place.

The dinner was a great event to attend. I got to learn a lot about the area and the preservation. I even learned that the “Uniroyal Tire” that you see coming into Detroit is actually a Ferris Wheel. What a fun first day. I can’t wait to see what happens on the actual event.

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