Could Search Social Media Optimization be a thing of the Future? I Hope Not



I was pretty complacent today. That is, until I read an article today that just got my blood boiling. It all spawned on a simple comment:

(SEO) will become Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Oh my ! Why in the world would we want that?

Granted, we can get new information from and easily. Friends report on stuff and pass it along. That works great for I can be informed AND find out what people are doing right now or who’s in a .

However, to search on this data? I don’t think so. There are so many reasons why.

First of all, it wouldn’t be SMO – it would be SSMEO (Search Social Media Engine Optimization), or just SSMO. Secondly, SSMO would have a shelf life of 7 days at the most. The amount of people reporting on the same thing would make SSMO a wasteland quickly. Privacy settings for some would bring dead ends everywhere we go. But most important:

People would intentionally and unintentionally buck the system to make it completely pointless.

Let’s start with the obvious. Let’s say I am looking for a Tuxedo shop. My buddy is getting married and I need to look good at the wedding. What type of results would I get in SSMO?

Bob, Fred, Janet and 14,987 other people are looking for ?

Jim and Mary are Engaged, along with 230,965 other couples?

How many time do you see Tuxedo in a Facebook or Twitter wall, anyway?

I have a friend that writes LONG stories in Facebook. Mostly about comic book characters and battles for justice, or something like that. Do I really want that as a part of my search?

And what would be the  for that? The biggest part of SEO is that you have people linking to your site already. Therefore, I don’t see some page that will be up today, gone tomorrow.

There is no formula to do this same search in Social Media and not have privacy filters trip. You cannot count the amount of friends they have.

SSMO will not replace SEO by any means. It might enhance it but I would never find anything I needed. While SEO is not the best thing, it at least has some validity to it’s formula in search.

Now I will go back to being complacent.

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