How to Get 5000 Followers in 5 Minutes – Jon Cryer Joins Twitter…

So I was watching today, and a post from shows up:


It’s official @MrJonCryer is on twitter! #twoandahalfmen

Now I’ve been a fan of Jon Cryer for years. Not as much a Two and a half men fan, but more in the 80’s movies like “Hiding Out“. So I decide to friend him. 35 others had friended him at the time, but that number changed very quick.

Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer

In fact, in under 5 minutes, Jon Cryer got 5,000 followers.

The number is starting to settle a bit. 8852 is where he is at only 16 minutes after Kutcher made the announcement. What was more interesting was Jon Cryer has been on Twitter since December 16th (getting verified a few days later).

But it took someone with 90 million followers to give Jon 9572 followers and growing.

Of course, Jon hasn’t really posted anything, so I can see why his counts are low. We’ve also seen celebrities endorse someone and their Twitter counts shoot through the roof. A great example was almost 2 years ago when Conan O’Brien followed one random person. Now, Sarah Slowik has an audience of 87,000.

So now you can see the power of Twitter in a interesting way. in 23 minutes, 10,881 followed this profile.

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