Why Kevin Rose Should be the Next CEO of Microsoft

Kevin Rose

Would Kevin Rose make a great ?

Today, Steve Ballmer announced he will be retiring in 12 months. This was set to a lot of . In this world of , CEOs seem to have a good had Ballmer in mind when he retired and Steve Jobs had . Ballmer has no one in mind (that we know of). This could start people worrying about Microsoft’s direction.

What Microsoft needs is s thinker. An innovator. Someone that will understand the corporate and consumer ends of technology.

That is why I think Kevin Rose should be the next CEO of Microsoft.

Why Kevin Rose as CEO of Microsoft?

Kevin started early – creating , Digg, Pownce and Milk. He has invested in ventures such as Gowalla, Twitter, Foursquare, OMGPOP, Square, , Chomp and Formspring. Rose took his company Milk and pretty much turned it into Google Ventures where he gets 300 million a year budget.

He did most of this before the age of 30. Rose is currently 36.

Kevin Rose’ Innovations

Digg started a that would vote up or down content. This has grown to be used on many websites (including your truly) in sharing buttons from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Digg inspired other companies to compete with news gathering and crowdvoting services. Services like Reddit popped up and companies like Yahoo! tried to compete with Yahoo! Buzz.

Rose helped take Revision 3 to a new level of over the top television. Recently, purchased Rev 3 to add to their programming.

Rose continually looks at new technologies and invests wisely.


What Kevin Rose Can Offer Microsoft

Years ago, Steve Jobs was called a “Pirate” to Apple “Suits”. His pirate ability allowed him to think outside the box and introduce Apple to a of revenue in the iPod. That took it to the iPhone and iPad.

Bill Gates was also a Pirate of sorts – working over companies like IBM for his software which vaulted him to success.

Kevin Rose is that same type of pirate. Working in different circles, he has the ability to also keep people motivated and excited to work with him. He has innovative ideas and knows what works and what doesn’t.

Kevin Rose on XBox One

Rose is a gamer. His insight into the gaming field could bring innovation to the console. Whereas some are thinking that XBox isn’t innovating, Rose could turn that around by bringing in those startups that are thinking outside the box and deliver a new type of gaming.

Kevin Rose on Windows

There are two sides of Microsoft when it comes to Windows – the corporate and the consumer side. You not only have to appease the masses of home Windows users but also have to deal with many Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies who cannot have their computers fail.

Kevin has openly said that Enterprise is ready for disruption. You never know when a tech startup could start to take over the space. Rose has an eye for that disruption and could help in bringing it into Microsoft.

Kevin also listens to the people – asks them questions to which direction he should go.

Would Rose Leave Google Ventures?

After watching the ABC Nightline segment, it sounds like Rose has a good thing going. However, Rose also knows when it’s time to take on a new challenge. He left Digg before it fell apart – Milk litterally became Google Ventures. Kevin said he gets a 300 million budget – but that is for Google, not for Kevin.

Rose said it best in the interview: “You just have to keep yourself in the mix – always have to be looking for the next big thing”.

Well, CEO of Microsoft is a good next best thing…

Kevin Rose is a Hands on CEO

He has passion. Rose has heart. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He is not afraid to fight. This video can pretty much sum that up:

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