Unlocked iPhones, EeePC, Total HD, Smartphone Security 11-26-07

T-Mobile has turned the tables in Germany by unlocking iPhones so the users can choose which service to use. This was to counter a restraining order by rival . But was that the best idea and more importantly, will that happen anywhere else?

Let’s answer the second part first. Don’t expect this to happen anywhere else. And also don’t expect to get a German iPhone shipped to you – unless you are willing to head to Germany and pay $1500 for it.

This is just another part of the iPhone “Saga”. The restraining order is not a total stop in iPhone sales, but it does definitely strangle the craze. Vodaphone is concerned this (exclusivity) will introduce a new model for the market. Would that be bad or is Germany just not ready for that yet?

EeePC might have to rethink their practice. Linux users have brought up issues of non-compliance with certain parts to the General Public License (GPL). The manufacturer, Asus, apparently modified the Kernel and did not distribute the source code.

Since the EeePC is suppose to be an affordable laptop for education and quick internet usage, it may be a null argument. Asus just needs to comply with the GPL and distribute the code. Then again, Asus also announced the company will offer on the machines by the end of this year, in which they may just drop Linux altogether.

Warner Brothers shelved the “Total HD” – a disc that could hold DVD, and content on it. It would be so consumers wouldn’t buy the wrong disc – it would just work. The idea is not totally dead – just not being persued right now.

Could it be that . doesn’t want to deal with legal issues on having multiple format content? After all – each company would want to get a piece of the pie in sales, even if the consumer would never use the blu-Ray version or the HD DVD format.

Maybe something else is on the horizon and Warner Bros. wants to see where things fall before commiting to the technology. At any rate, HD DVD and blu-Ray still fight for supremacy. Reminds me of vs. . Sony owned . Being Propriatary on things doesn’t always work.

Smartphone Security got beefed up by . It’s a smart move since everyone is depends on their phones to work right. With Android coming out, and the move for a smartphone to act a lot like a computer, having things like viruses and would put a big hamper on many aspects.

Nobody would want to see an outrageous bill because some took up all the bandwith. And if a is on a smartphone, that has to kill the processor time so simple things like calling someone may be a lot harder to do.

Still, it has also been seen that introducing a “Security Suite” can affect the performance of an OS, so it may cause the same issues when installed on a Smartphone. And it’s not freeware – the software costs $30 and comes with a 1 year free subscription to the service. So tack that on to your finances.  

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