Using Windows 7 Speech Recognition.

All come everybody.  My name is Jeffrey hours.  I am doing well.  How are you doing?

Guess what?  I am using the speech recognition in windows seven to make this article.  I do not have to type, or even get out of bed.  All I need is a good , and a lot of patients.
It is not 100%, but so far, it has done OK.  There are some things that I’ve actually had to redo, but most of the time it’s my impatience that causes errors.  The best part is all I have to say is the word UNDO, and it will all be undone.

I suppose one problem with doing speech recognition is that you don’t learn the mistakes of spelling.  Even while typing in something; whether it be a article, a , or anything of the sort, I would notice when I make spelling mistakes and quickly correct them, while trying to remember what the was.  Hence, I do not get the opportunity to correct my mistakes (width of the exception of the word UNDO).

One thing I notice in using speech recognition, is that I have to take my time.  I will enunciate part of the sentence, wait for response, then continue – or make corrections.  Some corrections are just overlook for now, as I will get back to them later.

I have dealt with speech recognition for a few we years now.  I understand its advantages and disadvantages.  There were a I had to support people with mobile disabilities who need to use the software on a regular basis.  Otherwise, they would not be able to use the computer.

If you think that you can use the software without training it, then you are grossly mistaken.  Training the computer to your voice is a key to making the software work.  By training the computer, less mistakes will be made.  For example, one person can say ” the” with a silent ” E”.  The next person might not.  Training will tell the computer that you pronounce the word in the with a silent E.

One thing to remember is to not get frustrated over the speech recognition.  Take your time, watch what you say, and make corrections accordingly.  Sometimes, you might just have to go back and manually correct.

I have left the mistakes in this article to prove a point.  There have been a couple lines I have redone simply because of the fact that it wouldn’t get my point across.  But in general, there has not been any altering to this message.

Now all in hopes to show you something, I will read at normal speed and we’ll see how correct the computer will be.  I will continue on with punctuation.  It goes like this:

Well, a Federal judge ruled and Psystar lost the case.  Apple is definitely showed the hand of god here.  But the real question is: will it be the end of that?  Hopefully not.
On Friday, Judge William Alsop sided with apple that Psystar had in the dot violated the end user license agreement.  He ruled that the installation of the Mac OS on non Apple’s hardware is not allowable.  Therefore, Psystar must discontinue their line of Mac clones.  Finally, he will rule that Psystar as counter claims are not arguable since Psystar altered to the Mac Software to run on other machines.

This was an article I wrote last week.

If you decide to start using speech recognition, you will need a couple things.  The first is patients; it’s not going to be 100% correct.  Secondly, you will need a good microphone.  Right now I am talking through my professional rig.  If you get a USB mike, make sure it has NOISE cutting capability, so if the dog barks in the background, it doesn’t affect your session too much.  Finally, make sure your computer’s sound card can handle the situation.  If your sound card produces a lot of what is called ” white noise”, then you might be stopping and correcting yourself a lot.
I hope that this is help you in determining whether you want to use the speech recognition or not.  When properly trained, this could actually be a very valuable tool to you.  And the best part is its only gonna get better in the future.

But you should really learn how to spell…

**To start using the Speech recognition, simply go to start, then type in “Speech Recognition” in the search area**

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