When Streaming TV and Movies Go Mobile – Joost and iPhone

As a kid I had this really cool . it was a Bentley with a 5″ Black and White screen and ran on AC power or 9 “D” batteries. It went all the way up to Channel 83, so if I hooked it up to the cable today, I would get the Big 10 network, , and Disney. Yeah, Black and White, but sometimes you have to go old school.

is no Bentley, but they might have finally pulled into a here. Last week they made an app for the service. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it’s better than nothing.

Here is the main ingredient to using Joost: . Yep, no or EDGE for this. You must have a good connection.

This might be a great little thing once Wi-Fi on airplanes is more readily available. Watch a movie while you are going to Boston. Then again, a jet traveling upwards to 550 MPH into all sorts of conditions from Clear to Stormy weather – not to mention the other so many passengers that are using the Wi-Fi to or get sports scores or even upload their podcast (Yep, I will do that one of these days…).

Initial reports on the Joost system are not favorable. Then again it is only starting out. I like the fact it limits the Wi-Fi connection. That way you are limited to whatever wireless network you have. , home and maybe Libraries.

All in all it looks like we’re back to watching video on small screens. I should try and find that Bentley. It’s somewhere at my Parents house. Maybe I can get Joost on that…

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