The JouJou Cube Touch Turns Your iPad Into A Stamp Pad

Kids love arts and crafts, or at least they used to before all of these high tech tablets and phones got their attention. Kids used to play with rubber stamps a lot more often. You know, the kind where they press the stamp into some ink (Hopefully child safe) and them stamp the image onto paper. Well, now they can have the best of both worlds with Takara-Tomy’s .

It updates the low-tech stamp pad for kids of this generation. You have your stamps and you have your . It involves a set of digital stamps that can be placed on the screen of a , creating the image in the same way an ink stamp would, only no ink and no paper. The stamps create worlds, since certain stamp combinations create special animations and effects.

These educational stamp sets come in different themes, like vehicles, animals and dinosaurs. The cubes don’t use any batteries either. Best of all this toy is completely mess-free and therefore easy to clean up afterwards. Just be aware that the JouJou Cube Touch instructions come in Japanese, but this is an experience we all understand. This is a great modern toy for kids.

via Japan Trend Shop

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