The Magbulb Magnetic Light Bulb Socket Makes Bulb Changing Easy

Changing a lightbulb isn’t the hardest thing we have to do. In fact, it’s pretty damn easy. And these days we can even make this task much easier. The socket is designed to help simplify even this already easy process. Replacing bulbs is now as easy as it could possibly ever be. It doesn’t get easier than this.

This lightbulb system is super simple. It works by outfitting your traditional socket with a magnetic base that allows bulbs to be swapped out in mere seconds. No more unscrewing that bulb at odd angles while your arm gets tired and fatigued. You wimp. This first world problem has been solved. You can switch a light bulb in no time at all. The whole simple process is much quicker and simpler. I know, I know. You had no idea that you needed this in your life until now.

All joking aside, the Magbulb magnetic light bulb socket actually has some things going for it. For instance, it should cut down on the number of injuries due to people climbing high ladders to replace burnt out lighting. They can now change the bulb quick and get to safety. That’s a good thing.

via Kickstarter

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