Geekazine 1 year Anniversary

Well, it was 366 days ago that the first posts for Geekazine surfaced (Leap Year, ya know). It’s been a little longer for the podcasts. Nonetheless, this site went live on November 7th 2007.

Since then we’ve had over 175 podcasts and video , over 400 posts, a few posts and some people got some . We’ve talked with some names in the last year – from Bryce Whittey from Technibble, Josh Chandler, to Jeri Ellsworth.

I would first like to thank everyone for a great first year. I would like to thank the sponsors:, are the two main ones. I would also like to thank all who have sent to the site.

Thanks to Norbert Davis from for all the Cool Tech Corner episodes. Thanks to the cast at , and for making a great community. Thank you to for giving me a facet to do the LIVE Show every Monday. Thanks to Vocalo – I haven’t made an episode there in a while simply because I just run out of time, but I am still appreciative for all they did.

I am going to make the next year even better. We have a good stream of people going to Geekazine and to the sister site: Dorkazine. I have some great . I have signed up some more web sites and we are going to incorporate them into the family. More in future .

We survived the election. We survived the MicroYugo. We survived Steve Jobs health. We are Survivors – The Eye of the .

Once again, feel free to email me @ [email protected] or call me at 608-205-4378 and say hi. Give me some ideas. Submit an article for use on the site. Let’s make next year better than ever!!

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