Top 10 Videos in 2011 by Geekazine You May Have Missed

Leo of TWiT

Leo of TWiT

Geekazine puts out so many videos in a year. From place to place, I have been from one coast to the other creating content for my viewers. I have collected some awesome videos during my travels.

Since we are winding down on 2011, I thought I would highlight my top 5 videos that I created for you – the viewers. They are in no particular order.

Automotive Plant

This video came out a few weeks ago as I got to walk around the Ford assembly line. We were seeing how Ford vehicles could be made, and how this line can easily switch to Hybrids or Electric cars.

Tim Westergren of Talks about the New Radio

Another Ford event, Pandora CEO Tim Westergren talks about the new kind of radio that people will be listening to. A great 20 minute listen about the future of .

Prith Banerjee on CEO

This video came out in June at . The bloggers got a visit from Prith Banerjee – senior vice president of research at HP and director of HP Labs. He talked about the direction that HP was working on and how that can open some new doors.

Even though the shake-up to HP happened in October, this video is still very much on track.

Jeri Ellsworth at Midwest Gaming Classic

Jeri is a self-taught electronics geek. She makes pinball machines (among other electronics). I have known her for a couple years, so getting the opportunity to sit and talk with her was an exciting one. We talked about her pinball machine and what else is going on in her world.

Geekazine Visits Dallas Stadium

At the beginning of the year, I got to fly down to Dallas Stadium. We got to see the inside of this massive dome and what it took to run it.

Scott Monty on Ford’s Social Media Outlook

At LA, in Stitcher’s Voices of , I had an opportunity to talk with Scott Monty – Head of Social Media for Ford. We talked about the exciting new directions Ford is taking in .

on TWiT

While in San Francisco, I drove with Adria Richards up to Petaluma to talk with Leo Laporte. I wanted to find out more about this great new TWiT brickhouse he built.

+ Man

This is simply a parody I created back when Google Plus came out. A Pac-man board, G+ swallowed power pellets and gobbled up Facebook ghosts

Steve Garfield on the

Steve Garfield joined me at BlogWorld & New Media Expo – New York. He talked about his book “Get Seen”. Steve is one of the first video bloggers. We look at the future of video online and over the top.

Dan Lynch interviews Vint Cerf

While at Interop, we got to see one of the founding fathers of the internet Vint Cerf. This conversation talks about ARPANET, Vint Cerf’s role at Google and more.

I had a fun year of going to conferences and conducting some awesome interviews. I plan to do it all again in 2012. Which videos did you like? Let me know! Twitter

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