UVify OOri Smart Micro Racing Drone

Remember when the future was full of cool stuff like hover cars everywhere, robots in every home and even robots competing against each other in sports? Well, we may not have hover cars, but robots are slowly entering our homes and guess what? Robots are actually competing against each other in sports like drone racing. I guess some of the future we were promised is coming true.

Drone racing has actually become a popular hobby for many users and that means more and more cool drones are being released for the hobby, like the UVify OOri micro racing drone. This drone is capable of reaching speeds of up to 60mph and features a compact palm-sized design. It will perform well against both larger and small competitors.

This agile drone is easy to use and will deliver up to six minutes of flying time per charge of its internal battery. The drone will launch in April of this year. Your competitors won’t know what hit them. I mean, they won’t know what just zipped by them and left them in the dust on the racing circuit. This drone is small, fast and nimble. With the right pilot, there’s no stopping it.

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