Website Update – WordPress 2.5

Wednesday evening, I made the switch over to 2.5. It was a fairly painless process and only took about an hour to . Here is the process I went through (which I recommend if you plan to your WP site soon)

1. Backed up my whole site.

2. Backed up the Database

3. Deactivated ALL

4. Since I use CPanel, I let Fantastico update the site for me (I checked with the host to make sure there were no issues)

5. Ran Validity on the Database.

6. Reactivated all Plugins.

7. Copied All files back to my staging area (so versions matched)

Here are some issues I ran into:

* Some Plugins (when they updated) installed to a new folder. The staging area had the old folder, so when I sync’d, it would put the old folder back on, causing the system to hiccup. I deleted the old folders and everything went back to normal.

* A certain plugin (which I wont talk about for certain reasons) did not work in 2.5. It’s disabled for the time being.

* Changes I made to the Admin folder got changed back. Not a big issue – I will make the changes as I go.

* Minor settings had to be re-entered. I needed to re-insert my API key, which I agree needs to be done manually.

I believe the most important thing is to disable ALL plugins. Also, make sure you have an inventory of plugins, for if they go to update, the Auto update feature will remove the old folder to install the new. The inventory actually saved me with a couple plugins.

Overall, this update was quick and fairly easy. I give it an A+ for the ease of use. Thanks WordPress!

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