Welcoming Old Sponsor Back – GotoMeeting


Citrix and GotoMeeting - Online meetings made easy

About a year ago, Citrix asked Geekazine to switch over to GotoAssist for their campaign. It fit in what we were doing over here. However, they asked us if we could switch back to GotoMeeting, and we were very happy to oblige.

After all, they all are awesome programs.

GotoMeeting is the best at online meetings. For Mac or PC and even for the iPad, GotoMeeting is what Geekazine chooses for online meetings. We use it for and the monthly TPN Roundtable.

Of course, supporting GTM means you are supporting Geekazine. I appreciate that. The best part is we are increasing the free trial to 45 Days! Visit gotomeeting.com, click the try it free button and don’t forget to use Podcast.

Welcome back, GotoMeeting!

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