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Hisense Smart Fridge: Powered by Android – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 10:19 — 239.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Hisense shows off their Android powered LCD control panels at CES. The HiSense Smart Refrigerator integrates the tablet so not only can you get that shopping list sent to your phone but also use it to communicate with the family. The concept includes a bar code scanner that enables real-time inventory awareness  and the tablet can communicate shopping lists directly to smart phones and keep track of the freshness status of the items in the fridge. The tablet allows you to leave notes,...

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Tripad Traveller: Roll Aboard Laptop Desk – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:18 — 146.6MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS If you’ve ever traveled and had to work on a laptop, you know sitting in an airport seat is not the most comfortable thing to do. Sometimes you move your rollerbag over to set your laptop on but it’s not that stable. That is what Tripad Traveler is for. You lift the handle and place this table on to hold your laptop. Can handle 15 inch or 17 inch laptops. There are wings that stabilize on the carryon. Tripad is also available for videographers as this attaches...

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MVB Disk: File Management without Computer – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:35 — 154.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Want to exchange files with someone without pulling out a computer? That is what MVB Disk does. MVB Disk  is the First File Management on the Go System. Pull out the MVB drive and grab their USB drive. Press a couple buttons and you can pull the file off that USB drive. Then when you get back to your computer you can get the file. In addition, it’s an FM radio and mp3 player. MVB Disk runs for $35 TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey of...

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Urban Hello: Home Smart Phone and Conference Phone – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 4:44 — 109.7MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS A phone you just set on the table and it turns into a speakerphone. That is what Urban Hello is about. Already a Innovations winner, Urban Hello started a Kickstarter 3 hours before this interview. Urban Hello has been recognized by the IEEE Spectrum as the first product to  recognize HD voice calls. Smartphones have replaced many home landline connections – but there have been some compromises along the way in sound quality and the ability to set up a round-table conversation. Incorporating much of...

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Whirlpool: How the Fridge and Stove May Change – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 10:51 — 248.2MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS The home appliance doesn’t seem to be left out when technology is concerned. Whirlpool has been working on new concepts around items hot and cold. From better food storage to that perfect roast. Maybe instead of a range have a table (like a fireplace) that uses light to cook food. Creating ambiance while cooking food through conductive measures. If you place a cold drink on the smart table the glass will be kept cold. If you set a warm item on the table...

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USB-Cloud: Media Distribution – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 12:15 — 281.3MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS This service might offer a digital content producer a more effective way to keep content fresh for subscribers without the overhead of e-commerce, shopping carts or elaborate back end system , yet maintain and extend the relationship for follow on order. It is a great way to keep your production and inventory costs under control. USB-Cloud is a plug in key that maps the physical device – sold or given to a subscriber. When  it is plugged into a Windows or Mac computer’s...

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Wilson Electronics: LTE Cellular Extenders – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:58 — 163.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Getting through a dead zone with signal. That is all you want to do. Wilson Electronics is working on products to help you prevent dropped calls. Range extenders from Wilson Electronics try to solve the problem with ‘Quint Band’ products. This includes spectrum for LTE devices.  AWS, Channel 13 and Channel 12 (on 700 Mhz band) plus 2G and 3G. It is adjustable to 65 db. (Wilson Electronics) TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey of

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MagicCook: Cook without Fire – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 7:30 — 170.5MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Cooking without flame. You think it would be close to impossible, but with magiccook, they use a heat process pouch to heat up within 60 seconds. Then put in your noodles or other items you want to warm up. From rice to meat and eggs. Use the container to heat up and then cook up whatever you need. magiccook small set is $35, including ten heating pouches. including the container. Replacement is $15 for a pack of ten. TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey...

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RCLogger: Radio Controller Quadcopter – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 7:21 — 166.5MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS RC Logger introduces the RCI-1, an affordable quadcopter. The RCI-1 has a learning mode to allow you to start slowly. Flight times are about 7-8 minutes. The unit will go about 20 mph and with a 915 Mhz system you could easily run it out of sight before it will  run out of range. It recharges from a USB in about 20 minutes. RC Logger is available for $79 and even comes with extra parts if you crash the copter.More details at TPN...

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Switch Lighting: LED Light that can go Upside Down – CES 2013 Live

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:39 — 131.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Switch Lighting has been working with LED lighting for years. At CES TPN Live coverage Gary Rosenfield shows us a LED lightbulb that can be used upside down (which other LED bulbs cannot do for they can be a fire hazzard). These are liquid cooled with silicone. ( Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Scott Ertz of F5 Full Transcript Alright, so we have Gary Rosenfeld, field, Rosenfield the vice president of marketing with switch lighting. So welcome to the show. Gary: Thank you, glad...

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Chris Pirillo on AMD: Launching Communities – CES 2013 Live

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 7:22 — 146.3MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Chris Pirillo stops by the TPN CES Live stream at a down time to talk about the AMD booth. He was invited by AMD to talk about their new lines and also promote the Communities in Social networking. ( Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Scott Ertz of F5 JEFF: Hey, look who’s here. Have a seat, have a seat really quick. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Chris, did you do the earphones? (laughs) Jump up here really quick this’ll take a second. Okay, through there....

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Roku Stick: Now on Available for MHL Compliant TVs – CES 2013

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:20 — 148.2MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Mobile High-Definition Link. That is what an MHL port is. It looks like an HDMI port but MHL does more. For example, it can power small devices like the Roku Streaming Stick. An MHL port in a MHL compliant TV is indicated with a purple enclosure. Roku has utilized this port to take the Set top box out of the equation. No more cables and the stick gets powered through the TV. You do get the power of Roku’s 700 channels, games and more through...