aFrame Drum from ATV

Electronic Hand Drums can add a lot of new sounds and feels to music while keeping their roots in hand drumming. ATV has come out with a fun in the – a $1,599 device that matches that of a frame .

About the aFrame

To begin with, this drum is diamond shaped. This makes it easier to not only hold and position when you put on the drum strap, but also get different tones by where you strike the drum. The frame is Bamboo, with a polycarbonate surface. On the back is the drum module, with multiple buttons, USB, and microSD card support.

The aFrame can be placed on a snare stand when you want to sit. The strap also can hold a battery if you want to be as portable as possible. Simply plug in a wireless pack and jam out on stage.

Tone Creation on the aFrame

320 user defined tones can be saved into the aFrame’s memory. Multiple editing options including tone, sensitivity, and pitch through the options on back.

ATV Drums

ATV makes three things: Drums, , and Video mixers. ATV debuted a series of triggered cymbals lineup at NAMM, along with their aD5 module. In the video, I show you some of the sounds from this kit.

For more information go to aFrame drum, or atvcorporation.

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