AMD on Thunderbolt 3, Vega, Linux Crimson Drivers

AMD has some awesome stuff coming up in 2017. I got to talk with Jason Megit of AMD about their use of 3 in their systems, but we also talked about Linux use and their newest line of video cards in .

AMD and

Even though Thunderbolt is an technology, it’s also a standard for all to use. That is why you will see Thunderbolt 3 in AMD laptops as well. After all, everyone needs the 40 GB data transfer, ability to connect dual 4K monitors and even a way to power the laptop.

AMD with Linux on Thunderbolt 3

Learn about Thunderbolt 3This contains Thunderrbolt 3 technology from Intel. Find out more on Thunderbolt 3 HERE

A lot of Linux systems and STEAM game systems also will benefit from the use of Thunderbolt 3. With the use of AMD’s , you will be able to utilize your machine and the full functionality of the protocol.

AMD Vega

Jason also talked about their newest video card in Vega. This is a high-end graphics card that will start shipping by summer 2017. No price points just yet.


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