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Thanks for all who downloaded Ep 1 of This Week in Google Glass. I got the repercussion of a popular show on the Internet with a large bill from . Wow! It’s not going to deter the show, though. Numbers have settled a little. Also completed the 10,000 steps challenge for May. Actually, I hit over 350,000 when it was all said and done. Now this month is about changing some . No more soda for now.


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Geek Smack! episode 265 Tech News:

Skype Virus
It happened mostly in – within a few days, 750,000 computers were infected
Zynga Lays Off 18%
Although Farmville is still performing well, Zynga released 520 jobs to save $70 million
Intel Haswell
The newest Intel i7 processors might become the first “fan-less” processor
Graphine Camera Sensors
sensor is 1,000 times more sensitive to light – could make flash obsolete.
Asus Dual Boot
Three-in-One Tablet will dual-boot Windows 8 and Android
Apple Radio
Apple advances to compete with Pandora, Spotify, Music All Access
Charger Viruses?
Hacking into a modified charger could bring malware into your iOS device

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Geek Smack! Geek News

Nuance is Siri
CEO confirmed that powers Apple
Android Vine
Vine is finally available on Android devices.
Vine Gets Rick-Rolled
bypassed the 6-second rule to break the service with the help of Rick Astley
HALO goes Mobile
Spartan Assault moves the popular title to mobile devices, but is only available on Windows 8
Glass Porn Banned
The first X-Rated Google Glass App came out and Google has banned it.
Twitter Glitch
Twitter was down for a short time Monday as a “Routine Change” was blamed
Windows 8.1 Start
Screenshots leak with Windows Blue (8.1) having a Start button on the bottom-left.

Geek Smack: Android to Overtake iOS as Top App Store. Does that Make Android Better?

Google’s Play store for Android apps will begin to take over Apple’s App Store as the most popular app platform within the next few months, according to analysts. Even though Apple recently announced their 50 billionth app downloaded, Google has been closing that gap with almost 48 billion Android apps downloaded. Google Play gets 2.5 billion a month, as oppose to Apple’s 2.0 billion.

So what does this mean? Well, for a developer, it might be more worth it for them to make an Android app over an iOS app. Its cheaper to get a developer account (A one-time $25 for a developer license as oppose to $100/ year for iOS).

On the other hand, developing for an Android device can become tricky. There are many different versions of Android out there – from version 1.0 to most current Ice Cream Sandwich. Then you have models from HTC, LG, Samsung and everything in between. Tablets from Google Nexus to Kindle Fire, Nook and many other models. Just today we talked about Asus’ dual-boot tablet. Different processors, different versions of the OS so it works on the device in question can equal a nightmare for support of a complicated app.

Apps like Vine – which we talked about earlier – will get better and faster download numbers simply because more people have Android devices. In fact, Android has a 51% market share, as opposed to iOS’ 41%.

Should this concern Apple? My answer is No and here is why: Apple has always been a “Higher quality” device. Controlling their hardware and software and not giving it out for 3rd parties to duplicate, means everyone gets the same experience. Of course you pay for quality. A $800-1,000 PC laptop would cost $1,500 or more for its Apple counterpart.

Some people say the higher prices can hurt Apple, but up until last year (before Apple started competing by offering their older phones at cheaper prices) Apple rode a pretty good wave and plateaued at almost $700 a share.

What about Windows apps? The platform neutral app system Microsoft is working on could be another way to get their marketshare in the mobile space. Right now, it’s only at 8%.

Apple should look at their niche rather than what Android or Windows does. Think of it like going to the high-end grocery store vs. the discount store. The products should be fresher and the experience should be cleaner at the high-end store. The discount store – you get a great deal.

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