Anglr Tracker Records Your Favorite Fishing Spots

Many take their hobby very serious. They love to keep track of bait, spots to fish, conditions of the water and surroundings, and much more. Some have notebooks full of data they have to go back to and review every year. has helped by putting that into a device you attach to your phone. I caught up with Anglr at the Bluetooth Summit at CES 2017 and found out more.

About the Anglr Labs Tracker

This is a Bluetooth device that sits on your rod and simply collects data. Information like casts and catches are sent to your phone. You can then call up the app and pin spots where the fish bite the most. If you are on a boat, the app also collects GPS data and how fast you were trolling along.

Review Your Data on the Computer

When you get home, you can log into the Anglr website and see all your data on the big screen. You can also see where you fished in the last year, temperatures of the favorite catch days, and of course the important catch details so you can be ready to hit that spot next year.

Anglr Labs Tracker is available for $129.99 and the Web App X access is $4.99 / month.


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