Why Apple, Google Bested Coca-Cola as Top Global Brand

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Was proud of iPad365 – not only on “New and Noteworthy”, but also on “What’s Hot” in Technology. I broke down and joined Empire Avenue. My stock jumped to $58.51 in the first two days. Does that mean I’m rich?  Spent the weekend relaxing – on Sunday we did Tandem Kayaking on Lake Monona. Not an easy task at times.

Last night’s TWIGG we talked on XE10 and the upcoming GDK for Google Glass. I also tried Google Hangouts with Q&A. While I liked how it worked, in the end the quality wasn’t there. Not sure if the problem wasn’t as much Google as it was my . I really need to find a way to upgrade my computer so that doesn’t happen again.

CES planning is underway. This year – we’re doing a Crowdfund! Expect it to start Oct 15th and run for 60 days. We’re trying to counter the expenses we endure to do the CES live stream at TPN.TV.


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Geek Smack! episode 277 Tech News:

– John McAfee has a gadget that creates a DMZ which cannot be accessed by .
Dropbox screensave
– Dropbox now automatically saves screenshots so you can share them better
iPad Class Action Suit
– If you owned a 3G iPad before June 7, 2010 and signed up for the AT&T Unlimited plan, you could get $40 from a Class action lawsuit.
AT&T Fiber in Austin
– AT&T competing against Google to get faster Internet
FreedomPop No Contract
– For $99 you get a refurbished Android phone, 500 MB data transfer, 500 text messages and 200 anytime voice minutes.
– Microsoft Finally pulls the plug on the MSNTV appliance.
French Fine Google
– Google faces fines for failing to make changes to privacy policies.
New Toothbrush
-This 3D printed toothbrush can clean teeth in six seconds. You just have to bite down on it.

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Breaking Bad: The Complete Series – Get the whole series on Blu-Ray and Digital copy
Need a Website? Go Daddy has everything you need to get on the web!

Geek Smack! Geek News

Facebook Search
– Facebook widens Graph Search. Posts and Status updates will be included
Delta Goes Surface

– Delta pilots flying 757 and 767 planes replacing flight bags with Surface 2 tablets.
YouTube Music Awards
will announce 6 awards in mid-October
New GoPro Models
– HERO3+ includes smaller body, longer battery, Wifi 4x faster and more
Google Web Designer

– This app allows you to make animated HTML5 ads for your websites
Youtube Copyright Fought
– A lecture that contained copyright music saw a takedown notice. He fought to keep it up.

Geek Smack: Apple and Google Overtake Coke as Top Global Leaders.

If you looked at the top global brands year after year, you would see that Coke dominated this list at #1 – in fact, its never been anything but #1. However, this last week, Interbrand posted the top 100 global brands and for the first time, Coke took a to not only Apple, but also Google.

Apple rose 28% to 98 million, Google rose 34% to 93 million, while Coca-Cola rose only 2% to 79 million. Following Coke were once 2nd place IBM and 3rd place Microsoft. Rounding off the top 10 of 2013 is McDonalds, Samsung, Intel and Toyota

The leap frog actually started last year when Apple took #2 and Google #4. Apple rose 129% in Global sales – a very major jump for any company. Back in 2002, Apple was hovering around 50th place, while Google was nowhere to be found at that time.

So what made the difference? Innovation. Apple and Google are building new categories of easier to use .

Now you may argue that statement because there were tablets long before 2010 and smartphones long before 2007. However, they were not as easy to use as today’s sensitive devices. I loved my and iPaq and Palm V devices before that. But these new devices spawned more than just an easier to use device.

Apple started the app store, which became duplicated by many. Putting apps into more than just a computer seemed to be a pipe dream back in 2004. Now we have them in TVs, appliances and more.

Coke is coke. Although Coke has many different versions, there are no newer innovations to Coke anywhere to be found – they’ve already tried that. Further, people are more health conscious and are starting to replace one bottle of coke with 16 ounces of water.  Coke stayed ahead of the curve, even in 2010 when beverages as a whole dropped over 6 million in sales.

Does this mean Coca-cola is done being number 1? Not necessarily. People still will technically purchase Coke products more than iPads or Google Glass – those are 2 year products. It may take Coke a few years to get back to #1, but with thought and innovation in the beverage sector, I can see that happen.

In the meantime, the big question will be if Apple can stay #1, if Google can knock them off next year or even if another company like Samsung can rise to be the underdog.

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