Apple’s Safari SSL Bug – What You Need to Know to Fix


After a couple weeks of travel and lots of great video, I took the week to regroup and make sure everything is posted. Still some CES content that has not gone up.

This episode is not live this week due to time constraints. Meetings in the AM pushed things back. But some great stuff coming down the pike because of it!

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I got some opportunities this last week, including a chance to go out to the gun range and capture it all on Glass. I talked about it last night on TWIGG with Luke Wallace.


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Geek Smack! episode 291 Tech News:

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  • Ford Blackberry – Possible switch from Microsoft to Blackberry OS in Ford vehicles. Could Ford be looking to buy Blackberry?
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Geek Smack: Apple Has a Major SSL Issue with on iOS Devices. Here’s how to fix.

I don’t think Barack Obama is going to get an any time soon…

There was news of a serious vulnerability in Apple’s encryption process on Safari. According to some, the vulnerability deals with SSL – or Secure Socket Layer. When you connect via SSL, your data is supposed to be encrypted when passing through. This really only affects if you used Safari to connect to secure webpages, such as bank accounts or payment pages.

It was found that earlier last week an attacker could capture or modify data of any iOS device. It was an error in the Safari browser code, which nobody knows how it got there. Since then, Apple released an update for iOS7, 6 and Apple TV. No word on if iOS5.1.1 needs an update, as well as OSX software.

This is one of the reasons I don’t prefer Safari as a primary browser. Its not the first time security has been an issue. It wasn’t until a couple years ago and pressure from the public that Safari finally put on security measures.

Now if you have ever done any in-app purchases, you may have been using this bad SSL information. It really depended on how the app handled in-app purchases.

What can you do? You can switch to Chrome as a primary browser on iOS. It won’t be your default browser, but it runs off their own SSL commands.

You can also purchase and maintain your own SSL certificate. Follow this plan on HttpWatch to do so.

Apple has issued an update patch – Update to iOS 7.0.6 now. iOS 6.1.6 is also available and Mavericks updated to 10.9.2 just an hour before I started recording. While it may make more secure, there is always the question of why it wasn’t spotted earlier.

If you cannot update to the latest, you might want to look for alternates if you encrypt email, Facetime or use the Safari browser. Especially if you use their “all in one password” solution.

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