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go out to those affected in the attack. Back from – Lots of announcements dealing with streams and a new show (Kind of). Watch for the Special Media videos on NAB. Of course I am going back to Vegas next week for CAWorld.


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Geek Smack! episode 258 Tech News:

Dish Tries Merger with Sprint
The $25.5 billion would merge mobile, TV and broadband and compete with AT&T
First Google Glass
The devices have come off the production lines. I will have Glass soon!
Windows 8.1 Boot to Desktop
will have a Metro bypass option
YouTube Multi-Account
Now you can allow others to work on YouTube videos without having to give passwords out
Blink Trademark?
Microsoft applies for blink trademark after Google Blink announced
Sony Bests Google
Sony sets up 2 Gbps service in Japan. Pwns Google Fiber
5 Million Rokus
5 million sold in the US, 8 billion videos streamed from Roku
Netflix Dumps Silverlight?
Netflix is looking to change their interface format to HTML5 over the
Fake iPhones Swapped
Chinese trolls are using Apple’s return policy to send fake Apple parts in for real replacements
Ultrasonic Beer Head
If you like the foam on the top of your beer, then check out this device that will froth your beer

Geek Smack! Geek News

Apple TV Recall
Certain devices have Wifi issues. Apple is replacing the
Major WordPress Attack
Tens of thousands of computers were hacked with a dictionary bomb. I’ll show you what to do to prevent your website from getting hacked.
Twitter TV?

Twitter looking to deal with Viacom or NBC for Feature TV
Apple Stock Fraud
Former securities trader killed a financial service with an unauthorized $1 billion in Apple stock
First Google package pickup lockers set up in San Francisco
Top Paid CEOs
4 Apple execs make more than Tim Cook
New Google TV set top box may be out soon
EA Closes Sim City
Many Facebook EA games are getting shut down to split from Facebook
Google Glass API 
Documentation for the Project Glass API is now available
YouTube VHS Mode
To celebrate the 57th anniversary of the VCR, YouTube mocks the former video format

Geek Smack: Basic Cable to become encrypted

A couple months ago, the FCC allowed cable companies to encrypt their basic channels. That means if you have a TV directly connected to your cable, you might have to get a cable box to continue to watch TV.

Comcast announced they will be encrypting channels over the upcoming months. It helps them with piracy – someone who actually climbs up on the pole to steal cable. However, for those who actually pay for cable, that means an extra $2-$5 per TV. Since the average household has 4 TVs, that means $6-15 a month to keep a TV in the bedroom, family room and basement.

Cable has also taken over the DVR to bring you added charges if you want to record your favorite shows. You don’t have to use the cable companies choices – companies like Hauppauge and Boxee have cable boxes that can connect to your TV or computer. You still need to get a card that will decrypt your cable signal (Charter rents them for $2).

Is this the catalyst to cut your cable, or will you suck it in to keep shows like Mad Men, Mythbusters, ESPN Sportscenter and more?

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