Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio, Web Presenter, TV Studio Pro HD

Design released some great new products at NAB for producers. They also released an all-in-one switcher that allows you to set it down, attach cameras,and start recording or streaming.

More important, Blackmagic re-designed their hardware to be more compact and keep the same functions.

The ATEM HD is a 4 HDMI, 4 SDI input device that allows you to connect cameras, video from computers, and more. An added audio mixer allows this to be an all-in-one device. Output options to a monitor, or device to send to the web.

This Live switcher also can be controlled right from the hardware device, rather than through software or separate console joystick. The camera switches light up green for video, and red for standby video.

Blackmagic Web

Building on the Intensity series, the  allows you to send up to two cameras to OBS, Wirecast, vMix, or simply straight to Facebook Live, Skype, Youtube, or other video sources. Audio inputs are also available to connect a microphone or mixer.

Bring in your video from the ATEM Television Studio HD, then use the USB 3.0 out to connect to Windows or Mac computer for a 720p stream. You could even connect two ATEM Television Studios if you wanted.

ATEM Television Studio Pro HD

If you want an all-in-one switcher with built-in Joystick, the Studio Pro HD will be your product. If you are a long time broadcast pro, or first time user, this board will be able to help you. The board also allows you to control the Blackmagic cameras easier through the board.

The Television Studio HD is $995, the Web Presenter is $585 (with smart panel) and the Studio Pro HD is $2295 (available late May).


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