Cut Cold Butter with Spread That, Ice Cream with Scoop That!

Scoop THAT! Ice Cream Scoop

THAT! Ice Cream

The folks at Useful Things sent me two very interesting utensils to try out. Scoop THAT! and Spread THAT! is a knife and ice cream scoop that uses your body heat to keep the end warm and ultimately help you fill your bowl or your bread.

How Spread THAT and Scoop THAT Work

When you hold the handle of either utensil, your body heat transfers to the end of the scoop or knife. This is what makes these items push through a lot easier. Perfect when you are making the kids bowls of ice cream – you don’t have to go to the sink and run water on the scoop to keep it from sticking.

Spread THAT butter knife

Spread THAT butter knife

Simply hold on to the device for 20 seconds. That will warm up the edges enough for you to cut the butter or scoop the ice cream.

My first real job was at an . I would scoop hundreds of flavors out of a chilled cabinet. It would have been a lot easier if I had Scoop THAT! keeping the scoop warm.

Get Scoop THAT ice cream scoop

Get Spread THAT butter knife


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