Duplicator 4K Makes 25 SD Card Copies at Once

Duplicator 4K by Blackmagic Design

Duplicator by Design

Imagine being at a conference or wedding with camera crews capturing the event. As you get ready to leave the event, you are given an SD card with the festivities inside for you to consume again and again. That is what the Blackmagic Design Duplicator 4K does.

While at NAB I talked with Kendall with Blackmagic Designs on the Duplicator 4K. You can copy up to 25 cards per rack mount at a time. You can also daisy-chain the units together to record more for larger events.

Each unit can take a SD card and fill it with the event you recorded in multiple formats up to at 2160p 60fps. Each is encoded in H.265 for smaller file sizes but also .

Weddings, sporting events, live concerts, conferences and more can benefit from the Duplicator 4K. It can also pause and continue to omit breaks in time such as band breaks or moving from wedding to reception.

When video is completed simply pop out each card and hand to the guest. You can even put in a new batch of cards and duplicate another 25 for more guests.

The Duplicator 4K is $1,995 and available now.


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