Episode 17 1-23-08


Soundcard Woes – More Snow – Techpodcasts Roundtable

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Time Warner Usage Pricing – AP
College Filtering of ISP – Ars Technica
Open Minded Mac Buyers – Toms Hardware
Buyback option – CNN
MySpace fixes Voyeur bug – Wired
HBO to Go – Cnet

On The Geek:

Navigate a Jailbroken iPhone with voice
Bug Labs Opens Doors
Defeat Yahoo’s CAPTCHA

Mobile Phones cause Sleep Problems? – BBC
Yahoo Layoffs Comming – Cnet
Crunchies – Dan Farber
Javascript Worm – ArsTechnica
Outsource the Inbox – fourhourworkweek

Saas to improve Government – ZDNet
Rock Star Coder – Computerworld
Vishing – ArsTechnica
Microsoft to Give Money – Yahoo
Pownce on it – TechCrunch

Of Note:
The Wootable Awards
Mac 10.5.2 Screenshots
Mac vs…. Commodore?
Lightsaber Lamps
90 Computers from the Past
Batcave Home Theatre
LED Cellphone
Hard Drive Dominoes

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