Episode 19 2-06-08


– More Snow – Car Accidents – Trip to

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Microsoft Trys for Yahoo – Network World
Yahoo Music moves to Rhapsody – Geek
Microsoft Launched Comic – Information Week
Macbook Air Taken Apart – Register
Gartner top 10 predictions – Network World

AT&T Outage – DSLReports
Apple Increases iMemory – Cnet
3rd Party Apps at MySpace – Cnet
Internet Killing National Parks? – Ars Technica
ebay to ban negative posters – BBC

30 Second Promo – The Force Field

Porn Database Hacked – RADAR
1.1 Million for Domain Name? – Valleywag
Car Fueling Robot – Network World
Garmin Mobile Phone? – Geek
norbtech – www.tctpodcast.com
Best Buy to Sell Apple? – AppleInsider

2008 CPU Forecast – ComputerWorld
WordPress Urgent Update – eWeek
SuperDuper for Leopard – MacMinute
Adobe Discontinues Stock Photo Service – PCWorld

30 Year Watch:

Of Note:
Apple IIc Unboxing
Knight Rider Case Mod
Google Homicide
Chip on a Band-Aid
Giant Pocket PC Phone
VPN on iPod

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