Episode 20 2-13-08


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Ongoing Yahoo Microsoft Drama – Mercury News
Microsoft Pursues Takeover – TechCrunch
Yahoo Shareholder Talks – ZDnet
Yahoo is Bluffing Microsoft – NYTimes
Yahoo Pushes on with OneConnect – Cnet
Yahoo Acquires Maven Networks – Cnet
Microsoft Acquires Danger – Geek

Facebook to punish Some Apps – ReadWriteWeb
UK’s 3 Strikes Law – ArsTechnica
Vista SP1 – Computerworld
Dell to Stop Selling AMD Online – DailyTech
-Taking Dells to the Stores – ExtremeTech
Starbucks Changes WiFi, Nixes Sandwiches – EVHead

30 Second Promo – Totally Cool Tech

Cheap Ways to Manage Online Rep? – Computerworld
Where is my XO? – PCWorld
Anytime Updates for Vista Change – PCWorld
LiMo Goes Toe to Toe with Android – LinuxInsider
Apple 10.5.2 Release – Apple

Bill Gates Gives Up on Facebook – Cnet
No More Polaroid – PCWorld
Trend Micro Patent Claim on Open Software – Linux
Netflix on XBox360? – ZDNet
Swap For a ? – PCWorld

Of Note:
10 Great Free Downloads for Your Network
Smallest TV
Freeware DVD Burn
25 Firefox Extensions

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