Episode 24 3-12-08


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On this Day:
1999 Infosys becomes the first Indian company on NASDAQ

Part I
SXSW Facebook Interview – Mashable
Data Stolen from Pentagon – Ars Technica
Verizon 100 Gbps Network – NetworkWorld
Apple SDK and 100 Million Investment – Cellular News
Linux Exchange – PCWorld

Part II
Microsoft Office Patches – CNet
iBeatles – Gizmodo
WIFI Hotspots disappearing? – PCPro
No More Anonymous Comments? – WTVQ
Wikidonate – LATimes
Save Your Online Rep – Mashable

30 Second Promo –
5 minute show – Customer Service & Social Networking

Part III
Website for Better Websites – SixRevisions
Blu-ray not #1? – Chicago Tribune
Why Games Aren’t – Mad Penguin
Linux AntiVirius – internetling
Europe Approves Google Double-Click – Mashable

Part IV
Drugs to Drink – Wired
Battlebots Coming back to TV – Battlebots
New Problem with Macbook Air – Newsweek
Intel 160GB SSD – Computerworld
Dreamcast is not – Wired

10 Year Watch:
MP3 Player

Of Note:
Firefox 3 Beta 4
Foldable Car
Top 25 Podcasts
Etch-A-Sketch Clock
Pimpin Rubiks Cube
History of Tux

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