Episode 41 – 7-09-08


4th of July – Tons of new PR – Record high visitors – 300 – SPARTANS! – Microphone fix – Firefox and ustream – Follow up on “Welcome to the Mess we call Social Networking”

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As MicroYugo Turns:
Microsoft thinks Icahn – CNet
Internet Throttling Illegal – CBC
Shock Collars on Planes – Washington Times
eBay Baby Returned – techradar

Win a Gift Certificate from AccessoryGeeks.com

iPhone June 11 8 AM
Battery Replace? – TG Daily
iPhone Pricing – TechCrunch
Not in Canada – AppleInsider
Punch In Via iPhone – TechCrunch
Why Ubuntu is not at 1% – ZDNet
Geek in the Dictionary – Cnet

30 Second Promo – The Force Field

TechTweak – Check Your Passwords on Firefox
On this day: Mystery of the cosmos(1595) – TRON(82) – Apple CEO resigns(97) – Magnetic Contact Lenses and CEO of Phantom Steps Down (07)

Bit.ly Launches
Internet Demographics up – CenterNetworks
Fight Crime with Txt Msg – USA Today
Can an Octopus Solve a Rubiks Cube? – DailyMail
Gmail Remote Signout – AppScout
Disable StereoMix – Gizmodo

Dave Geschke – Edward Jones

Is this an Online Election? – GCN
Twitter to Buy Summize – TechCrunch
Why it’s Good – Gigaom
Why Not Kool-Aid Pong? – Orlando-Sentinal

Listeners’ Notes:
Pizza/Beer Computers
Worst of Spring 08
12 Firefox Hacks
Solar Powered Prius
Build a Fighter Jet
Video:Things You Don’t Hear on a Forum
Video: Robot Band

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