Episode 42 – 7-16-08


Change of format – Taxes finally arrive – Brakes – PageRank is Dumb.

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S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
Twitter Officially Summizes
Linux 2.6.26 is out
Sun Fujitsu Quad Sparc64
1 Million iPhones
Public Records Purged
Fujitsu FLEP ebook
Tesla Motors Roadster

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Apple Sues Psystar – CNet
Viacaom /YouTube – RedOrbit
As MicroYugo Turns – Cnet
Proxy Fight on – USAToday
Wheres Android – Ars Technica

30 Second Promo – The Force Field
TCTPodcast – Multi Function ESATA
TechTweak – Whats a Pagefile?
On this day: Islamic Calendar (622), Orville Redenbacher(07), Apollo XI Blasts Off(69), Shoemaker-Levy 9 (94),

Is SSD Power Efficient – Engadget
Should Ebay be Held Responsible – Reuters
Bloggers and the Law – NYTimes
Less Email More IM – Techdirt

Edward Jones

Copyright Law Reform – GCN
Cyberbullying Grows – USAToday
Could Batman Exist – Scientific American
Laptop Drive of Shame – NetworkWorld

Listeners’ Notes:
MailDump – Jason
10 Apps for OSX
Paper Mache Art
Dr. Seuss’ LAN I Am

Girl vs. the CLAW

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