Is Feedburner Closing? If So: Bad Form Google

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Got sick over the weekend. Been a long time since I was last sick. Didn’t have much rest as I had to get 11 videos out for a client. Podcast Awards started Monday. Asking everyone to nominate “Day in Tech History” in the Education section. I also talk about 5 years of Geekazine and look at season 6.

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Geek Smack! episode 238 Tech News:

Samsung Sues iPhone5
-Not sure on what patents it infringes. Maybe Samsung has a “5” phone out there already…
Wikileaks raided
– 4 servers were taken by Swedish police
Google Bests Microsoft
– Google is now the second largest company behind Apple.
White House Hacked
– Officials say the hacker didn’t breach the security system.
Wifi on iPhone5
– A bug has been fixed that allows Verizon users to run on
iPad Mini On the Way?
– Possible event marked for October 10th. Mini might be in HD.
Purple Camera
– Apple says your holding it wrong.
Steve Wozniak on Apple
– Why isn’t on ? Why isn’t iTune more open?
New Design
– If you have Windows 8, you can see it.
Netflix Just for Kids
– Kids iPad app only begs the day that someone reports they’ve seen a porno on the site.

Geek Smack! :

Pac Man – Remote Control Racers
Kickstarter – Form1 Pro 3D Printer
Star Wars – It’s a Trap Plush
Monster Fighters
Outdoors – Backpack Sofa
Angry Birds – Fruit Snacks
Disney – If Villians Won

Geek Smack: Feedburner is slowly closing.

I remember when I heard the first time I was told I shouldn’t use Feedburner. I pretty much shrugged the comment off. How could a company shut down something that so many websites use and make money with? It’s never going to do that…

I might have been wrong.

During the summer, Google announced the API for Feedburner was going off-line. Rumors have pointed to Adsense for Feedburner getting shut down. It’s also rumored that Google feels RSS feeds are giving way to Social Media.

So is RSS dying, too?

I still get information from RSS feeds. I still use RSS feeds to send my information to iTunes, Twitter and Facebook. Web programs like WordPress do a great job in RSS feeds. I suppose that with Adsense closing, I have no reason to keep my Feedburner active except for those pennies I make from it.

But what about those blogs and podcasts that have grown their Feedburner subscribers? The people that make hundreds of dollars on this service? I guess they are going to have to ween their audience to another outlet – and quick.

I don’t have that many subscribers on my Feedburner feeds. The ones I do have will need to heed this warning and get the show in another location. All my feeds are found on the top-right hand corner of the webpage.

It’s sad that Google is cutting a program where so many rely on. I think I understand nixing Adsense – It may be a question between real traffic and bot traffic.It would just be nice if Google had an alternative in their Google+ with at least a semi-open API so I can send RSS information there.

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