FlirOne Thermal Imaging for iOS and Android – CES 2015

FlirOne for iOS

FlirOne for

Stopping at the booth at CES, I learned about how has improved on their new FlirOne thermal imaging system for . They retooled the device and made it an attachment working for all iOS devices. Further, they added an version.

I talked with Travis Merrill from Flir. Now there is a new iOS platform, they decided to go with a more portable connector – for iOS anything with a Lightning connector, and Android with micro-USB connector.

Flir made some enhancements to the first generation FlirOne. The major enhancement is this device is four times the resolution. The camera has two optics – one with thermal imaging and a regular camera so you can overlay the two. Auto shutter gives you a constant temperature and no manual calibration. Finally, the FlirOne has a 1,400 mAh battery, giving it a good couple hours of use.

Second Generation FlirOne will become available by mid-year. No price points as of yet. Check out more at

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